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Proven Ways and Tools to Create High Quality Backlinks in 2020

Are you struggling to create high-quality backlinks to your site?

Are you publishing lots and lots of quality content on your site and still not getting organic traffic?

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Every blogger strives for organic traffic but not everyone gets it. Only a few percents of bloggers get more than 1000 organic visits per day. Rest does not even get 100 visits per day.

There are a lot of questions go through the mind when this situation happens.

You wonder what’s going wrong, Why am I not getting organic traffic?

The only way to increase organic traffic is to improve SEO and Backlinks.

Who doesn’t want to have tons of quality backlinks to his site and improve the organic traffic?

Backlinks are directly related to SEO and organic traffic

While there are numerous ways to create backlinks, don’t get involved in black hat backlinks strategies.

Here I am sharing proven ways and tools to create high-quality backlinks to improve the organic traffic to your site. 

Before we dive deeper, lets first understand what are the backlinks?


Backlinks are nothing but the links pointing to your site from other sites. Whenever someone adds a link to your blog post in their article, it is considered as a backlink. 

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks.

#Do-Follow: Do-Follow links tell search engine to follow them. This means that your site will rank higher if you have do-follow links from high authority blogs. You should aim to build do-follow links.

#No-Follow: These type of links do not influence your search engine rankings. Basically, they tell a search engine to not to follow them. This type of links are not as effective as do-follow links but they still matter. 

Jessica Knapp from Blogging Basics 101 has written a small but effective post about do-follow vs no-follow.

You should aim at building high-quality backlinks, be it do-follow or no-follow, both links help you in improving your overall search engine visibility.  

How to Get High Quality Backlinks

#1. Get yourself interviewed by other bloggers

Interviews are an exceptionally better way to get connected with like-minded people from your niche and to build quality backlinks.

This also helps in building your personal brand online.

Most bloggers publish interviews of other bloggers on their site. 

Sometimes they include a do-follow link or sometimes no-follow link.

So how can you get interviewed by other bloggers?

Most bloggers reach out to you if you have quality content and authority in your domain.

They might send you an email or may contact you using social media.

If you are new to blogging and don’t have enough authority, in this case, you should reach out to other bloggers and see if they are interested in interviewing you. 

If you have quality content on your blog, they will happily accept your request.

In this way, you can create do-follow backlinks from high authority domain.

These backlinks will give your blog more exposure and eventually will help you to boost organic traffic. 

#2. Interview an Influencer in Your Niche

Influencer marketing is on a high rise in 2019. Be it Instagram influencers, YouTube Influencers, and many more.

Find out the influencers in your niche and take their interviews. 

This strategy can help you build more and more backlinks. 

These influencers have a lot of followers who are interested in knowing more about their hero. 

These followers tend to share these posts more and more.

Reach out to influencers and ask them for interview

Once you publish an interview on your site, reach out to other bloggers in your niche and let them know about the interview you conducted.

There is high probability that they will link out to your post. 

#3. Create Survey

Well, this is not as easy as it sounds. But hey I will make it easy for you.

Creating or conducting surveys is not so easy and not so pocket-friendly.

Most famous blogs who have enough money to spend on surveys conduct regular surveys.


Because these surveys get them tons of backlinks. 

Blog posts containing surveys tend to go viral and other bloggers often refer to these surveys in their blog post.

But you don’t have money to conduct a survey. 

What to do?

Well I have solution for this. 

You should reach out to bigger companies and request them to get access to the survey they conducted.

Then write a blog post summarising their data and in exchange add a link to their home page.

Most companies will happily provide you all the survey related data in exchange for a link.

Just cite them while creating summary blog post. 

Once your post is complete and ready to go live, just make sure that you tell people that it’s a survey based post by including keywords in your title tag. 

What after publishing a survey blog post?

Well this is no brainer. Just reach out to all the survey conducting companies and let them know about your blog post.

Just send a small email and let them know about your blog post and survey summary.

Most people will happily share your content if they find it to be useful for their followers. 

#4. Create Infographics

Visual content is the key to success. Try to add infographics in your article.

You can hire a graphic designers from fiver or you can create yourself one by using free tools like Canva

It’s pretty easy to create infographics with Canva.

Check out my infographic that I created with the Canva.

Just create a high quality content with lots of heading, subheadings, and bullet points. 

Now create your Infographics around those headings and subheadings. 

Now the most important part is to add embed code at the bottom. 

To generate embed code, you can use online free embed code generator tool.

People can use this embed code to add your infographic on their site. 

A single Infographic can generate you tons of backlinks. 

Don’t forget to add your logo at the bottom of Infographic to get brand exposure. 

Infographics for backlinks

#5. Natural High Quality Backlinks

No matter how many backlink building strategies you follow, natural backlinks will always be going to be on top.

Quality content can attract the unlimited number of natural backlinks without having you to beg.

Building links naturally take a little bit of time but once you start getting natural backlinks, there is no limit then.

Natural backlinks are more relevant and can boost your organic traffic exponentially. 

So the question comes what exactly is quality content and how to create one? 

Quality content covers A to Z information about a topic without skipping anything. Your content should have compiled valuable information. 

Topic Choice: 

Choose a topic that people are searching for.

Use tools like Google trends, SEMrush, Ahref, etc to find that ideal topic to write about. 

Create Great Content: 

Once you finalize the topic, do a quick Google search and read the first 10 posts from search results.

Read what they have written, what points they have covered. 

Brainstorm the layout and structure of your post. Think about the points you can cover to create more detailed post than the first 10 results. 

The final part is to write an in-depth post on the topic covering all the points from A to Z.

Google likes long-form content, generally over 1500 to 2000 words.

But don’t just write for words, write for your readers. 

A well researched and in-depth article can fetch you a lot of backlinks from authority sites.

To get this to the next level and get even more backlinks, keep updating your old blog posts. 

Remember Quality matters than Quantity in 2019. 

#6. Guest Blogging to Get High Quality Backlinks

Guest blogging has been one of the top preferred method to get quality backlinks.

Most famous bloggers like Brian Dean from Backlinko, Sayed Balkhi from wpbeginner, Hrash Agarwal from shoutmeloud still use guest blogging to build high authority backlinks. 

You can check out my detailed guide on what is guest blogging and why should you do it.

Your first step is to find the guest post opportunity. 

Brian Dean from Backlinko has shared an awesome technique to find guest post opportunities.

Just use a search string like “Keyword” + “guest post”. 

There are number of variations of this search string like:

“Your Keyword” + “this is a guest post by”

“Your Keyword” + “Guest Column”

“Your Keyword” + “Submit Article”

Once you find the Guest Post Opportunity, your next step is to get your post ready. 

Write your post completely with detailed information. 

Send an email and wait for your opportunity. 

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

  1. Get targeted traffic 
  2. High quality backlinks from authority sites 
  3. Brand exposure 
  4. Build social proof

Whenever you write a guest post, don’t add too many links back to your blog.

Keep it reasonable.

Add 1-3 links for the post of around 1500 words.

Just make sure the owner of a blog is okay with it. 

Guest blogging is not dead yet and it holds the same value as it was a few years ago. 

A nofollow link still holds the same weight as a dofollow link because of brand exposure. 

#7. Participate in Roundup Posts

Roundup posts are a great way to get backlinks and exposure for your blog.

You can use roundup posts both ways, either get featured on other blogs or create roundup post and feature other popular bloggers on your blog. 

Both ways can fetch you a lot of traffic and quality backlinks.

As Neil Patel says roundup post can be anything from a collection of tools, strategies, and expert roundups etc. 

So how do you build backlinks with roundups: 

Get Noticed:

If you want to get featured on other people’s roundup post then you should have your online presence everywhere.

You should have strong presence on twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. 

Start engaging with other blogger and start building relations with fellow bloggers to get noticed.

Join different forums start helping people to solve their problem. 

Find Roundup Post Opportunities: You can find roundup post opportunities by using a simple google search. 

Just use a string “topic” + “Expert Roundups”

roundup backlinks

Make a List:

once you find all the blogger who conduct roundup posts, make a list and start contacting them.

Start building relationships with them and see if they have roundup post opportunity for you. 

Often creating your own roundup post can also help you to build quality backlinks. 

Reach out to popular and high authority bloggers in your niche and ask if they are interested in participating in a roundup post.

Once you feature them on your site, they might link back to your article in their post. 

Neil Patel has written an extensive guide on creating a roundup post. You can check that out here

#8. Blog Commenting

Is blog commenting still works?


Do you always get dofollow links?


Blog commenting is an awesome way to get yourself exposed to the blogging community.

Even if you don’t get a backlink directly by commenting on other blogs, it exposes your brand to the world of blogging which can fetch you links. 

So how to write a comment that gets attraction? 

Present Yourself:

It is important that you use your real name while commenting on other blogs.

Make sure you use an email address associated with your Gravatar account.

This helps in promoting yourself as a brand authority.

Add Meaningful Comment:

Authority blogs look for meaningful comments that can help their users.

Make sure you are not diverting from a topic.

Your comment should add value to the users, if you are asking a question, make sure you are adding a bit of a background for the same.

Don’t Add Link Until it’s Necessary:

Don’t just start adding links to your site for backlinks.

Add links only if you have something worthwhile linking. 

Authority sites will remove your comment if you are just linking random stuff. 

#9. Use Quora to Get Backlinks

Quora is the largest questions and answers platform right now.

Quora is easy and free place to create a backlinks.

Why Quora is best for building Backlinks?

There are thousands and thousands of people seeking help on Quora.

quora link building

You just have to search for a specific keyword from your niche and you will see thousands of questions related to that keyword. 

This is your opportunity to create links and brand awareness.

Add related links for additional information.

build high quality backlinks with quora

These all links are nofollow but they hold great value as it develops your brand.

According to Moz, Quora is considered as a high authority domain with an 89 domain rating.

#10. Build Backlinks with Broken Links

Broken link strategy is widely known and most advanced bloggers still follow these tactics.

So how it works?

Just find the broken links on the other sites in your niche and then just send them an email about fixing the broken link on their blog with other link or with your own link.

Many blogs will happily add your link in place of a broken link if it adds value to their audience.

  1. Find a broken link with a broken link checker
  2. Write an email to blog owner about a broken link.
  3. Suggest them to replace broken link with your valuable blog post link.

#11. Testimonials

Offering testimonials is a great and easy way to build backlinks.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

They get a testimony and you get a brand exposure with backlink

Tools to Create High Quality Backlinks:

In this section, I have listed 5 tools that you can use to build a good backlink profile.

I have divided these tools in two category

  1. Link Research Tools
  2. Prospecting Tools

Let’s first know about the Link research tools.

#1. Link Research Tools

1. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is one of the easiest tools to find broken links on any website.

This tool comes with a Google Chrome Extension which makes it very handy to find broken links while surfing on the web.

This tool can quickly find broken links on the web page and creates a report.

bloggers ideas broken links

Broken Link Checker highlights links which are functional and which are broken or dead.

Your focus should be on dead links.

Your main work starts after finding broken links on the website.

Just send an email to the owners of websites and help them fix the broken links.

Pricing: Free

#2. Ahref:

Ahref is another popular tool and the most widely used industry tool to find backlink opportunities.

Ahref has many more features besides helping you build backlinks.

It can help you in:

  1. keyword research
  2. SEO audit
  3. Ranking

Ahref has a feature called “Link Intersect”

This feature helps you identify which sites are linking to your competitor’s website but not you.

You just have to reach out them let them now that you have better things that can help their audience.

They might or might not link back to you. But it helps in building a relationship.

Price: $99 per month( one user)

#2. Prospecting and Outreach Tools

#1. PitchBox:

PitchBox is an awesome tool to do prospecting and outreach.

This one tool gets a lot of work off your shoulder by helping you automate the process.

This one tool you need to get your outreach program to the next level.

Price: $99 per month

#2. BuzzSumo:

BuzzSumo comes with a variety of features that can help you in SEO.

But one feature that stands out is to check how many backlinks are my competitors getting and their sources.

Your job is to find the backlinks your competitors are getting and then reaching out to them.

Price: $99 per month


To rank higher in Google search results you need to have quality backlinks from authority blogs.

It only takes proper research, determination, and hard work to build quality backlinks from authority sites.

Quality guest post can get you backlinks without begging. Quality content will always remain one of the top and sure shot method to get backlinks.

Do not only focus on getting dofollow links but also focus on building nofollow links.

What methods have you used till now?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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