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Useful Blogging Apps That You Should Use in 2020

As a blogger, you spend most of your time on your laptop and if time permits you might be using your smartphone to engage with the outside world. What if you use this time effectively to manage your blog on the go. This is where these Useful Blogging Apps comes in the picture.

In this article, I am going to discuss a few blogging applications that can help you manage your blog effectively.

If you don’t have a blog or don’t know how to start one, I have written a detailed step by step guide on it.

With increasing smartphone users, the application companies are coming up with great applications to serve the purpose of all types of users.

India, China, and the USA lead the smartphone user industry in number. There is a high chance that you are using a smartphone, so if you are using a thing regularly then why not use it effectively.

In this article, we will talk about 10 such applications which will help you to manage your blog, traffic analysis, blog’s social media account, driving more traffic, keeping track of your blog post, etc.

10 Useful Blogging Apps That You Should Use in 2020

1. WordPress

WordPress: blogging Apps number 1

WordPress power 35% of all the websites across the world wide web. It is the #1 content management system in the world based on the PHP framework.

WordPress has its mobile app version to serve such a large group of users. It is more or less like a full platform app but with limited functionality. These functionalities are enough to manage all blog related things on the go.

Function Supported by WordPress Mobile Application:

  • Publish blog posts or pages on the go.
  • Write a blog draft as you process your thoughts.
  • Add photos or videos to your blog post.
  • Approve or Disapprove the comments.
  • Reply to the comments.
  • Be updated with user engagement.

2. Blogger

Blogger: blogging Apps number 2

Most of the beginners start their blogging journey with Google’s blogger platform. It is free, easy to use, and user friendly. 

With Blogger it is very easy to create a blog in matter of few minutes. You just need to have a google account to enjoy the benefits of having a blog online.

You can use the blogger app to write the blog posts on the go without any performance issues. This is a must-have app if you are blogging on the blogger platform.

Function Supported by Blogger Mobile Application:

  • Create Posts on the go without performance issues.
  • Account switching capability to manage more that one blog.
  • Check the blog’s performance.
  • Edit existing posts
  • View list of your saved and published posts
  • Embed images from the gallery, or by taking a picture directly from the app
  • Add labels to your posts

3. Google Analytics

Google analytics: blogging Apps number 3

Again a fairly popular Google product, Google Analytics is one of the widely used analytic tools available free of cost. 

Being a Google product, It is fairly rich in features. It tracks all of your website traffic and creates reports for you. 

It reports all the details such as what is your overall traffic, country-wise traffic, top-performing pages, total users, unique page views and many more.

Function Supported by Google Analytics Mobile Application:

  • Check key metrics in built-in reports
  • Compare date ranges and apply segments
  • Monitor real-time data
  • Explore to build your reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments that you care about
  • Save any reports to your dashboard so you can easily come back to them
  • Check key metrics in built-in reports
  • Compare date ranges and apply segments
  • Monitor real-time data
  • Explore to build your reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions, and segments that you care about
  • Save any reports to your dashboard so you can easily come back to them

4. Quora

Quora for blogging: Build backlinks

Quora is one of the best and most widely used questions and answer forum. You can use quora to solve your blogging-related doubts, or you can use Quora to drive more traffic to your blog. How? Just answer the questions asked by people in your niche and add a link to your related post. 

No blogger should neglect the power of Quora. This platform can help you to build a good quality audience by solving people’s a day to day problems. 

Benefits of Using Quora 

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5. Evernote

Evernote app For note taking

Being a blogger, note-taking is a habit that we develop over a period of time. 

Evernote is a #1 note-taking app out there in the market. It not only allows text notes but also allows us to add drawings, photographs, and web pages to our notes. 

If you are not using the Evernote app then start using it. It will help you to draft great ideas on the go. 

It also has a premium version but for most of us, the free version is good enough. If you feel you need more functionality then you can always upgrade to premium. 

Benefits of Using Evernote:

  • Write down your ideas on the go. Save web pages for reference.
  • Add comments to your notes
  • Create notes containing text, drawings, photographs. This helps you to picture the structure of a blog post
  • Use it as a planner to organize your day to day tasks

6. MailChimp

MailChimp to grow your email list

MailChimp is a marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. It is by far the best tool to collect emails from your blog readers. 

MailChimp has email marketing, ads, landing pages, and CRM tools to grow your business. 

Benefits of Using MailChimp App:

  • Send emails to your targets audience in free time
  • Re-engage your audience
  • Check the subscriber count 
  • Check detailed analytics on the go
  • Manage contacts with CRM
  • Create campaigns wherever you are

7. Google Docs

Again a Google product which I use on a daily basis. Google-docs is like a Microsoft Word to process word documents. You can use Google docs to create, edit your blog articles. If you work in a group, your other teammates can easily access these documents.

At WPWISER, Google-docs is a primary writing tool. If you are not using this tool then start using it for writing the next post. 

Benefits of Using Google Docs:

  • Corrects grammatical errors.
  • Create, edit, and share documents on the go.
  • You can use Google docs offline also, your work is saved locally automatically and then synched later.
  • Never worry about losing your work – everything is saved automatically as you type
  • Option to download documents in different formats.
  • Share documents and collaborate in the same document at the same time

8. Facebook Page Manager:

Social media plays a vital role in creating authority for your blog. You can’t neglect social media in this modern era. You can use the Facebook page manager to manage your blog’s Facebook page on the go.

Benefits of Using Facebook Page Manager:

  • Post content on the go.
  • Get insight on your post reach.
  • Reply to your follower’s comments to keep them engaged.
  • Create ads to reach more targeted people.
  • Go live to have a discussion with your followers.

9. Twitter:

Twitter is another way to stay connected with influencers around the world. You can find interesting information in your niche.

Why use Twitter Mobile App:

  • Post tweets on the go and stay connected with other people in free time.
  • Retweet famous people tweet from your niche to reach maximum people and improve your following.

10. Buffer

Buffer to automate your social media accounts

Buffer is a social media automation app that can help you to automate the social media posting.

Posting regularly on social media is key to success. The more often you post the more clicks you get and the more followers you get. But sometimes it gets difficult to post on all different kinds of platforms. 

So here comes the buffer, just add the posts that you want to post on a regular base and schedule a time for them.

Benefits of Using Buffer:

  • Maintain a consistent presence on social media, so you can build your following and influence.
  • Share to multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn and accounts from one place.

Wrapping Up: Useful Blogging Apps That You Should Use In 2020

Using your free time effectively is key to a successful blogging career. These blogging apps help you to be productive on the go as you can create posts, manage comments, analytics, social media, etc. everything from a mobile device.

Which are your favorite Mobile Applications for Blogging? Let me know in the comment section below.

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