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Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Are you a WordPress user and want to know the essential WordPress Plugins that you should install on your WordPress site? Well, you are at the right place. Plugins extend WordPress functionality and help you to grow your blog/website. Having a right plugin installed on your website makes your life easier.

Installing a right plugin is an important aspect of growing your blog/website. Not every plugin is optimized and secure to deliver the quality that you are looking for. I have created a list of essential WordPress plugins that every blogger should install on their site.

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Essential WordPress Plugins for Every Blogger:

Installing right plugin on your site takes a lot of research and trial and error. I have been testing all below-mentioned plugins on my different sites, and based on my personal experience I have created this Essential WordPress Plugins List.

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1.Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin:

Essential WordPress Plugins

As a blogger, you just can not ignore this plugin. Yoast SEO is by far the best SEO management plugin available for WordPress user. It is must for every blogger to optimize their site for the search engine, and this is what Yoast SEO plugin does.

Apart from managing SEO, Yoast SEO plugin also helps in adding titles and meta description to the article. It also allows you to create XML sitemap with a single click, analyzing the readability of your article, setting up breadcrumbs, editing robot.txt and .htaccess files, and, many more.

This plugin has a free and pro version. I suggest you install the free version and later go for pro version.

2.Wordfence Security Plugin:

Essential WordPress Plugins

No site on the internet is 100% secure including WordPress sites. Though WordPress gives utmost importance to security, you should also implement your own security measures.

WordPress plugin directory has many good security plugins, but I recommend using Wordfence. This is one of the most popular free security plugins with 2+ million active installations that can ensure the safety of your blog.

This plugin packs a lot of features that might be overwhelming for beginners but as you progress, you will be comfortable with it. The developer of this plugin updates it regularly to block latest hacking techniques.

Alternative Paid Option;

3.W3 Total cache/WP Super Cache:

Essential WordPress Plugins

Now it’s time to optimize your site for speed. Speed is an essential factor for providing a great experience to end users. Google has also said that site speed plays a vital role in overall ranking of a website.

W3 Total Cache is must have plugin for every WordPress site/blogger. This plugin helps you to optimize your website for speed and performance. This plugin allows you to setup browser caching thus giving faster browsing experience to returning user.

You can also compress pages and set up a content delivery network with the W3 Total Cache plugin. This plugin is a bit complicated to set up.

WP Super Cache plugin is easy to setup and is as powerful as W3 Total Cache plugin. With WP super cache plugin just enable the caching option and you are good to go. WP super cache plugin also has a lot of advanced features, but you can set them later as you progress.

4.WP Smush:

Essential WordPress Plugins

Uploading large image files on a blog is not fruitful for your site. Image size increases page loading time, larger the image size more time it takes to load on the page. Thus, decreases the overall performance of your site. As said earlier, site speed is important for search engine optimization. You should upload images that are less in size or you can use WP smush plugin to compress images without losing their quality.

WP smush is one of best plugin out there to compress images on the go. WP smush uses a lossless algorithm to compress images, it does not decrease the quality of the image. You can also compress previously uploaded images. The free version of WP smush allows you to compress 50 images at a time. If you have more than 50 images, then you must repeat the compression process again or you can purchase their pro version.

5.Akismet Anti-Spam:

Essential WordPress PluginsHow do I get rid of spam comments? This is the most frequently asked question by a blogger. As a blogger, you get bombarded with spam comments and it is a very difficult task to remove those spam comments manually.

I use Akismet Anti-Spam plugin which has got over 5+ millions active installations. This plugin is very well developed to get rid of spam comments automatically.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin:

Essential WordPress Plugins

Take Automatic Backups of your WordPress site.

Taking a regular backup is one of the most important aspects of your blogging career. You don’t have to be a geek to take backups. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin is easy to setup and quickly allows you to take regular automated backups. Its free version allows your site to connect to Google Drive to securely store your backups on the cloud storage so that you don’t have to worry about losing your site’s backup.

Here is an article that gives you the brief idea about backup plugins:

 7.ShareThis Share Buttons:

Essential WordPress PluginsThere a lot of social sharing plugin available in WordPress Plugin directory. I have tested them and finally zeroed upon ShareThis share Buttons. This plugin is lightweight and simple to use.

ShareThis Share Buttons offer share buttons at both inline and sidebar position. You can set floating sidebar. You get to configure the number of social buttons you want to display on your site. All these social share buttons open in new window, so user don’t leave your site which helps to reduce the bounce rate.


Are you using Affiliate Marketing on your blog? Then you should install this WordPress plugin. ThirstyAffiliate is Affiliate management tool that helps you to manage your affiliate links more effectively.

It allows you to cloak your affiliate links, so they look professional like “”. This helps in generating more revenue from affiliate marketing. ThirstyAffiliates makes it easy to add affiliate links on the fly.

Doing Affiliate Marketing?  -> Install ThirstyAffiliates.

9.Login Lockdown:

Essential WordPress Plugins

The last thing you don’t want to see is your site getting hacked. By default, there is no restriction on the number of failed login attempts. This is where Login Lockdown comes in action. Most hacking techniques involve trying different password list to hack into the admin area. Login Lockdown puts a restriction on the number of failed login attempts. After given number of failed login attempts, it Blocks that IP range for a certain amount of time and locks down the admin area for that IP range and notifies you.

10.Broken Link Checker:

Essential WordPress Plugins

You don’t want to have broken links on your blog, as your blog gets older, you may face this issue. Fixing Broken links manually is very tedious and time-consuming process.

Broken Link Checker plugin helps you to fix these issues with a single click. It continuously scans your site/blog to check for broken link and allow you to fix them with one click.

You should start using this plugin right from the beginning to avoid any crash in future.

Final Thoughts:

These 10 plugins are must-have for every WordPress user. These plugins ensure that your blog is ready to take a big leap and grow towards success. I hope this article helped you to understand the essential WordPress Plugins.

These plugins extend your WordPress functionality and help you manage your site more easily and securely.

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Do you know any other plugin that should be added to this list? Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this list on Facebook and Twitter.

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