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Increase Page Speed By Adding Lazy Loading for Videos in WordPress

With an increase in internet speed, more and more users are now preferring video content. Adding videos to your WordPress site helps you to improve the engagement. But the downside of adding video in WordPress is that it decreases the page speed and hence the visitors. In this post, I will show you how you can increase the page speed by adding lazy loading for videos in WordPress.

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What is Lazy Loading?

Lazy loading is a technique of delaying the download process of certain content. When we embed the video in WordPress, it adds additional scripts on page which results in lower page speed. 

Lazy load for video addresses this issue by replacing embedded YouTube video with image preview. It means that the entire video and player does not get rendered, instead, it just adds the clickable preview of the image

Once you click on this image, it starts downloading video content and then plays it for you. 

As images are small in size and does not consume much of your server resources, the page loading time decreases considerably. 

To enable lazy loading, first, you need to install the plugin called lazy load for video.

This is free plugin available in WordPress directory. 

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Install and activate this plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. This plugin works out of the box, meaning you don’t need to do any settings or configuration to see it in action. 

This plugin works for both YouTube and Vimeo platform. 

Though this plugin works out of the box, there are options to configure some visual setting such as the size of the image, quality of the image, style of the button etc. 

Lazy Loading

You can configure settings for both YouTube and Vimeo separately. 

lazy loading

Now that you know about Lazy Loading technique lets understand its advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages Of Using Lazy Loading Technique:

The main advantage of using lazy load is increased page speed.

Another advantage of using lazy load is that you save considerable bandwidth of your visitors by not pre-loading the entire content.

Disadvantage Of Using Lazy Loading Technique:

As the content is delayed for your users, it is also delayed for the google bots. Basically, Lazy Loading is not SEO friendly. So use it wisely. Don’t use lazy loading for other contents than video.

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Final Thoughts:

Lazy Loading can help you increase user engagement by allowing you to use video content on your website without affecting the site speed. Increased user engagement will help you to generate more revenue.

What are you waiting for?

Start using lazy loading technique for video contents on your blog to boost user engagement and to boost your revenue.

I hope you enjoyed reading about lazy loading technique. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with me. 

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