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Honest Bluehost Review: Why Do I Recommend It

Are you tired of reading those five-star reviews of Bluehost where everyone just gives a five-star rating to Bluehost and recommends it blindly? I have been using Bluehost for the last 4 years. This is my honest and unbiased Bluehost Review.

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Things we are going to cover in this article(Bluehost Review):

  1. About Bluehost 
  2. Bluehost Pros & Cons 
  3. Bluehost Hosting Plans 
  4. Why do I recommend it

About Bluehost:

Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting providers, it was founded in 1996 and now it is powering more than 2 million websites on the internet. It is one of the most popular and least expensive hosting services. Bluehost offers a wide range of hosting plans with 24/7 customer support. 

Few Points About Bluehost:

  1. Most plans come with unlimited disk storage and bandwidth
  2. SSD ready for faster speed
  3. Free Domain 
  4. PHP7 and NGINX caching 
  5. Free SSL 
  6. Easy Cloudflare CDN integration 
  7. Officially recommend by WordPress

Too lazy to read the whole review: Final Verdict:

Based on my 4 years of experience with them, I found Bluehost Hosting to be the best bet for beginners and intermediate users in terms of affordability, security, and performance. Famous bloggers like Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud also suggest bluehost hosting for begginers.

Disclaimer: Below is an affiliate link, I get a small commision without any additional cost to you if you purchase from that link. It helps me keep running this blog.

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Bluehost Pros & Cons:

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of Bluehost, you should never purchase any web hosting before knowing its pros and cons. Do your research before purchasing any hosting or any product. 

The Good Things About Bluehost:

#Cheap Hosting Plans:

Bluehost offers really cheap hosting plans for new users. They provide unlimited hosting for as low as $2.95.

#Recommended by WordPress:

Bluehost is one of the hosting company recommended by WordPress for building WordPress sites. Bluehost Hosting is very well optimized for hosting WordPress sites.

Bluehost provides a one-click WordPress installation which makes it very easy to build a blog/website. 

#99.98% Uptime:

In my testing, I haven’t noticed any downtime. They have improved their service a lot since their inception. Uptime is the most important factor while considering the hosting service for your blog. Bluehost provides 99.98 % uptime.

Bluehost Review

#Server Response Time:

The server response time contributes to the loading time of your website. For getting a higher ranking in search results it is necessary to have a fast loading website. Server response time is one of the major factors among the other factors responsible for website speed.

Response time Bluehost Review

As you can see, Bluehost response time is around 1ms for the USA server and a fraction of a second around the world. The performance grade is A+.

You don’t have to worry about the speed of your website if you use Bluehost for the hosting. This server response time ensures your website responds quickly to user actions. 


Bluehost offers many tools to combat cyber attacks. Bluehost offers shared and dedicated SSL certificates and up to date hosting server. 

Bluehost offers daily backups and secure FTP access. Bluehost also offers spam protection and data protection features.

Security should be your first priority while considering any web hosting service. And thankful Bluehost offers up to date security features. 

#Free SSL:

Bluehost provides free SSL, which is a necessary factor for SEO. Google has started penalizing sites without SSL. Bluehost provide free SSL for all its users. 

#Free Domain:

when you sign up with Bluehost Hosting, you get 1 free domain for one year. Not all hosting companies provide free domain.

#Money Back Guarantee:

Bluehost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. So don’t worry, even if decide to leave Bluehost, you will get a full refund.

The Bad About Bluehost:

#Customer Support:

Though Bluehost provides great customer support they still fall short when compared with others. I haven’t had any trouble with their customer service, they provide a quick response but few of my friends expected better customer support. They should hire some more knowledgeable people for handling customer support. 

#No Free Site Migration:

If you are migrating from another hosting to Bluehost, you have to do it on your own or you have to pay them for migrating your site. Most of the hosting providers do it for free. I think Bluehost lacks here and they should start providing free site migration.

Bluehost Hosting Types 

Bluehost is well known for providing a variety of hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS, dedicated, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and WordPress hosting. 

#Shared Hosting: 

This type of hosting is perfect for low traffic and for beginners. The server is shared with other websites. 

#VPS Hosting:

This type of Hosting is an upgraded version of shared hosting, the only difference is that you get virtual dedicated resources for your site. 

#Dedicated Hosting:

You get a dedicated server for your site. This type of Hosting is a bit expensive.

#WordPress Hosting:

This type of Hosting is specifically designed to power a WordPress site. You don’t have to worry about managing the server. They take care of everything.

Bluehost Hosting Plans: 

Below prices are for a three-year term. Shorter plans cost more and you won’t get any discount for below 12-month plans. 

Best Hosting review

All plans come with a free domain and free SSL.

Out of these plans, Basic and Plus plans are the best for any kind of user who is just starting out. I recommend purchasing a plus plan, it allows you to host multiple sites. In the future, you can add multiple sites to your existing hosting account and save yourself from buying another hosting plan.

Why Do I Recommend Bluehost:

Bluehost stands as #1 hosting for building a WordPress website. 

99.99% uptime and reliability are what you get with them. 

My experience with them in the last 4 years is really good. I think you should sign up with Bluehost if you are just starting out a new blog or personal website. They provide really good value for money. Their hosting plans are cheap and reliable. You can’t go wrong with them.

But if you are building a heavy site for your business I would recommend you use more professional hosting providers such as Kinsta, Siteground

Bluehost Sign Up Walk-through: 

If you haven’t used Bluehost in past and this is your first time signing up for web hosting, go through the below steps to complete the registration process for Bluehost Hosting.

Don’t worry Bluehost has a really simple and effective signup process. 

Step 1: Click Here to Go to Bluehost Landing Page with Discount & Free Domain 

Bluehost Review

Step 2: Now select Your Hosting Plan

Best Hosting review

Step 3: Register a New Domain or Use Your Existing Domain

start a blog

Step 4: Complete the Account Info 

Bluehost account info

Step 5: Create an Account Password

Bluehost account password

Step 6: Type New Password

Account password

Step 7: Log In

Login Bluehost

Step 8: Choose Your Blog Theme

choose Themes

Step 9: Click on Start Building 

Build Bluehost site

Step 10: WordPress Dashboard

Bluehost review

Step 11: Launch Your Site

bluehost review

Bluehost Coupon:

Bluehost provides an exclusive discount to WPWISER readers. 

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