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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For WordPress Users in 2019

The best thing about WordPress is that you have a lot of plugins to extend the capability of your WordPress blog. As you know, plugins are the small software that you install on your website to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog. But which plugins you must have on your blog? There are thousands and thousands of plugins are available in WordPress directory but you should install the plugins which are only necessary for your blog. To make your job easier, I have pointed out the few best WordPress plugins that you should install on your blog to improve your blogs user experience, security, SEO, Performance, and grow your blog towards success.

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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins For Blog:

1. Yoast SEO WordPress plugin:

Best WordPress Plugins

As a blogger, you must take care of your blog’s SEO. SEO plugins help your site to rank higher in search engine thus driving tons of free traffic.

Yoast SEO is one such a powerful plugin, This plugin helps you to manage on-page and on-site SEO at single place.

I have seen a huge boost for my blog with this plugin. You should definitely install this plugin on your site.

Download Yoast SEO

2. WordFence Security Plugin:

Best WordPress Plugins

There is no right time to secure your website/blog. You should start securing your blog from the very first day of your blogging journey.

WordPress has plenty of free security plugins available, but my personal favorite is WordFence.

This Plugin has plenty of features which ensures that your site does not get hacked. It protects your website from unauthorized access.

Download Wordfence Plugin

3. WP Super cache:

Best WordPress Plugins

cache Plug-in helps you to decrease the load time of your website thus improving the user experience. WordPress is a heavy content management system so it is recommended to use cashing plugins along with the renowned web hosting services such as Bluehost or HostGator

WP super cache plugin is a simple and effective caching plug-in which helps to reduce the server load and improve your website speed.

Wp super cache reduces a load on a server by serving static HTML pages to the end user, this drastically improves the end user experience by loading your website faster. 

Hosting companies such as Bluehost and Hostgator provides good shared hosting packages along with descent loading speed, and plugins like WP super cache makes it even better.

Download WP Super Cache Plugin

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4. Akismet Anti-Spam:

Best WordPress Plugins

Spam comments are the worst nightmares for any blogger.

There are a lot of bots and active bloggers try to take link juice from your blog by commenting randomly on your blog post. They just try to throw irrelevant links to their blog post and affiliate links.

Trust me, it becomes very difficult to remove those countless comments manually. Akismet removes those comment and saves your precious time. 

Download Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

5. Easy Affiliate Links:

Making income from affiliate marketing is the new way of earning money online. you need to add affiliate link into your content to drive traffic and get a commission for the sale. But adding affiliate links is a time-consuming process and takes a lot of effort.

That’s where Easy affiliate comes in, it is free and easy-to-use plugin. It helps you to cloak your links, set keywords for affiliate links, open affiliate links in new tab etc.

Download Easy Affiliate Plugin

6. Contact Form 7:

There are numerous contact form plugins available in WordPress directory, but contact form 7 plugin is free and does all the things that paid plugins do.

You can customize the form to your needs. You get an email with user detail every time a user submits the form.

Download Contact Form 7

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7. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backuplus Plugin :

Best WordPress Plugins

UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin is one of the best free backup plugin available for WordPress users. Taking regular backup is one of the important things in blogging career.

The manual backup process is hard and needs technical experience. But UpdraftPlus automates this process, makes your job easier.

You can save your backup file to Google drive, dropbox or locally.

Download UpdraftPlus

8. Login LockDown:

Best WordPress Plugins

This plugin adds one more layer of security to your website.

Basically, it records IP address and timestamp of each failed login attempts and disables the login function for that IP range for certain amount time.

We can configure the time setting in the control panel. Admin can release the login access of blocked IP address.

Download Login LockDown

9. Broken Link Checker:

Fixing a broken link on the older blog is a very tedious and time-consuming process. These dead/broken links are harmful to your website’s SEO.

Broken Link Checker plugin helps you to fix these broken or dead links with one-click and saves you from a lot of trouble. 

Download Broken Link Checker

10. Share This Share Buttons:

Best WordPress Plugins

I have seen good social share result with the floating sidebar sharing buttons, and “Share This Share Buttons” adds the floating sharing button to your website’s sidebar.

This plugin is light-weight and easy to configure. Improve your social share count with this plugin. 

Download Share This Share Buttons

These are the plugins that you should have on your WordPress Website, These plugins are good enough to improve the performance, SEO, and Security. 

These plugins extends the functionality of your WordPress site and helps you to manage your blog more easily.

What are the plugins that you are using on your site? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Let me know your favorite WordPress plugins.

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