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How to Allow Readers to Attach Images to WordPress Comments

Image produces a pictorial representation of your thoughts and is a powerful tool to increase user engagement. Have you ever thought of giving your readers an ability to attach images to WordPress comments?  Well, with WordPress anything is possible. WordPress has a great community behind it which makes it possible for amateur users to take full advantage of its potential. By allowing your readers to attach images to WordPress comments can help you to increase user engagement on your blog. In this article, I will walk you through the process of how to allow readers to attach images to WordPress comments.

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Allow Readers to Attach Images to WordPress Comments

As I said earlier, WordPress has a great community behind it which makes it powerful CMS. There are plenty of plugins available which makes it easy for any blogger to allow their readers to attach images to WordPress comments.

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The plugin that we are going to use is Comment Attachment Plugin. Go ahead, install and activate this plugin.

Once you activate this Plugin a new section gets added to your discussion area. To check it, Go to Settings -> Discussion and Scroll down to Comment Attachment section.


attach images to WordPress comments


attach images attach images to WordPress comments


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In this section, you can manage all the image display settings for your posts and pages. You can set the attachment field, attachment field title, maximum image size etc. You can also limit the type of files to be allowed to attach with comments. To do this, simply check or uncheck the checkboxes.

attach images to WordPress comments


Once you define your settings, click on Save button to save all your changes.

Now it is time to test this feature. Navigate to any of the post or page on your website and scroll down to comment section, you will see the “Choose File” button to attach images to WordPress comment.

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attach images to WordPress comments

Points to Remember:

You have the option to limit the maximum size of the image to be attached. Try to keep it as low as possible. All the attached images are stored in WordPress media library. If you don’t limit the image size it will eat up a lot of space on your server disk and will also increase the page load time. Keep the image size optimum so it does not affect your site’s performance.

All the attached images get deleted if you delete those image files form WordPress media library. This only deletes the attached image; the comment text does not get affected.

There are good users and bad users, you should moderate all the comments before approving them. Readers can post any type of images that may not be appropriate for your blog. So, make sure you moderate all comments before approving them.

You should have your comments posting guidelines page to let your users know what type of text and images they can use. This will help your users to know if their comment will get approved by you or not.

This plugin also allows users to attach pdf, doc and other types of files.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great feature to have on your blog to boost user engagement. Twitter, Facebook uses the same strategy to boost user engagement on their platform.

I hope this article helps you to properly setup comment attachment plugin to let your readers attach images to WordPress comments. I am sure this will boost user engagement on your blog and help you generate more revenue.

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