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Actionable Ways to Build an Audience for New Blog

The biggest challenge faced by every new blogger is to build the loyal readership base. You may have valuable content, but you get discouraged if no one is reading it. So the question arises, how do you build an audience for a new blog? 

Build an blog

There are a number of articles available on the internet around this topic, but how do you know which one to use and which one to not? In this post, I will share actionable ways to build an audience for a new blog.

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Ways to Build an Audience for a New Blog

1. Spread The Word Among Your Relatives

You won’t start getting traffic to your blog if no one knows about it. Getting organic traffic takes time, so how would you be getting traffic to your blog in the initial phase?

Tell your family and friends about your new blog. Let them know about it, ask them to share it with their friends. Share your post on Facebook and tag your friends and relatives.

It may look awkward but it’s your opportunity to spread the word about your new adventure. So go ahead and tell them by calling or by an email. 

2. Use of Social Media 

There are a lot of Facebook groups around blogging topic, be a part of those groups.

It’s likely to meet the people who are blogging about the same topic as yours. You may join them in discussion and build your relationship with them. This gives you an opportunity to do guest blogging and build your audience.

If you are not using Twitter then start using it. Start sharing your thoughts about your topic every now and then and share a link to your blog post. There are millions of active Twitter users, start building loyal followers on twitter who are interested in your blog topic.

3. Guest Blogging 

Everybody talks about guest blogging for building Backlinks. But I believe you should write for other blogs around your niche even if you don’t get a backlink. This is your opportunity to let people know who you are. 

Often readers check out the author’s profile. This is your opportunity to make your impression on readers of the already established blog.

Don’t think that you are new to the blogging world and your guest blogging request will not be accepted. Most of the people just look for quality content, so even if you don’t have a popular blog, your blog request might get accepted.

Start searching for guest blogging opportunities.

4. Commenting on Other Blog Posts

If you are not reading other blogs in your niche, you should start doing it and start appreciating or ask questions in the comment section

When you comment on other blogs, you have to enter your name and website URL. When you fill up this information your name becomes clickable and this drives traffic to your blog.

But remember you should only post genuine comments, don’t spam the comment section. Otherwise, the blog author will not approve your comment and will mark it as spam. 

5. Use Question and Answers forum

Quora is one of the largest question and answer forum right now, use this forum to solve the questions of millions of people by answering them. Create your Quora profile and start answering questions around your niche and post the blog post URL for people to know more information about the particulate topic. 

This technique can boost your blog traffic significantly and can also help you to build your brand if your post has meaningful information.

There are other questions and answer forums, become a member of all these forum and start answering there queries. 

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As a new blogger, even a few readers are also important. They are the one who will talk about your blog on different platforms. So go ahead and spread the word about your blog with your family, friends, participate in discussion forums, comment on other blog in your niche, use social media extensively and at last write quality content for other blogs. 

I hope these tips will help you to kick start your blogging career and to grow your traffic from zero to hero.

If you know any other ways to build an audience for a new blog, let me know in the comment section below.

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