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Best SEO Tips and Tools to skyrocket blog traffic in 2021

Are you struggling to rank higher in search engine even after writing a quality post, do you want to rank higher? With so many SEO techniques around it’s very hard for anyone to choose the right one for their blog. SEO plays a vital role in the success of your blog. Here I am sharing 11 best SEO tips and tools to skyrocket your blog traffic in 2019.

SEO tips and tools

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Note: when it comes to SEO, there is no magic trick. There is only hard work, dedication, and continuous effort. 

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Best SEO Tips and Tools for your blog

Search engine optimization helps you to get organic traffic by ranking your site higher in search results. below are the few tips that you can implement on your blog to rank higher.

Get rid of ugly URL :

your post URL should be easy to understand not only for humans but for also a search engine. Look at below URL, which one is easy to understand.


If we look at first url, it looks ugly and does not tell anything about the post where as if we look at the second url, it looks nice and tells us about what the post is about. 

Always try to put your keyword in the URL and always use the hyphen to separate the words in URL. there is a direct correlation between keywords in URL and your search ranking.

A simple URL makes it easy for search engine crawlers to crawl your site and process the information.

Write meta Description:

A meta description is the small introduction about your blog post for end users and for search engines to let them know what this blog post is about.

It is proven that meta description helps your blog post to get higher click though rate ( click through rate is how many times a user clicks on your post link in search results). 

Make sure you write a meta description for your every blog post. You can use Yoast SEO plugin to write meta description. 

Make sure you include the keyword in title and meta description. Try to frame your Title and Meta description in such a way that the keyword appears as early as possible.

Image Optimization:

Images are great way to engage your audience with your blog content. You should try to include as many images as possible but don’t over do it. 

Images are good for you blog, you should optimize them for search engine. 

Search engines find it hard to analyze and read images if you do not add ALT tags with it, try to add a keyword in your ALT tag. It helps your article to rank higher in search results. 

Image captions are also as important as ALT tag, some user read image caption to understand the summary of article. 

Don’t forget to add your image sitemap to google, it helps in indexing your images, thus driving more traffic from image search.

Use Keywords in Headings and Subheadings: 

Heading and Subheadings are the first things that readers read in your blog post. Your heading should be descriptive and should have relative keyword. It helps google to identify the relevancy of your article and based on that it helps to rank it higher.

Internal Linking:

You should start linking to your relevant articles every now and then. I advise linking at least 4-5 relevant articles on your website. Once you have enough content on your blog, you should start driving your readers to your other posts.

Internal linking is a great way to pass link juice from your one post to another post. WordPress has made it easier to create internal linking by providing search and an add button to add internal links.

Add External Links:

Giving out the external link is also one of the ways to improve the SEO of your site. Try to link to authority sites in your niche. Google keeps eye on which sites you are linking to.

If you link out to other authority sites, it helps you to improve the authority of your site also. So be generous while giving out links and credit to other.

Don’t Use Flash Media: 

Search engines finds it hard to read flash files. Sometimes they just ignore the flash media. Use and alternative to flash media.

Improve Site Speed:

It is proven that google gives upmost importance to site speed for ranking. If your site is slow and takes time to load, google will rank other faster sites instead of yours. Start working on improving your site speed. More that 50% of the users leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Now a days, no one wants to wait for longer, Not even Web Crawlers. In easy words, your website won’t rank if it takes longer for google bot to crawl your website. You can use Google PageSpeed Insight to check your website speed.

Get More Backlinks: 

The only thing that can get you more backlinks is that quality unique content. Write more quality content to attract more backlinks to your blog. 

But there is one problem, all information is already available on the internet. You can not create new information anymore. But you can present the same information in simple and in-depth to your readers.

This strategy will help you to get more back links and this will help your blog to rank higher.

Word Count Matters: 

It is well known that higher word count gets you a higher place in a google search result. But wait! your reader get anxious by looking at the long scroll bar. Your article should be of ideal size between 500 to 2000 words. But if you have golden words to write you can go beyond 2000 words. It is important that your readers feel comfortable with length of your article.

Encourage Readers to Share and Comment:

Social share give out more exposure to your blog. There are billions of active social users out there. This helps you drive more traffic to your blog and make more money through it. 

Encourage you users to leave a comment, this helps in getting more engagement on your blog post.Google keeps tracking this engagement and also the social engagement, this engagement helps you to rank your article higher in search result.

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Best Free SEO Tools To Boost SEO:

  • Google PageSpeed Insight: Google is a free platform that you can use to check the website speed. Use this tool to check the speed of your website. It also provides the details and tips to improve the website speed.
PageSpeedTest - SEO
Image via GooglePageSpeedTest
  • Google Search Console: Google search console helps you to improve the visibility of your site or blog post. Once you have written the blog post, you can submit the post URL to google search console for faster indexing
Google search console - SEO
Image via Google Search Console
  • Keyword Research Tool: Google keyword planner is another best keyword research tools that you can use to find out the right keyword for your blog post. You can add multiple keywords to see the comparison between to keywords. 
  • Image Compression-Optimization Tool: Heavy images takes lot of time to load. So, its essential to compress images and reduce their size before uploading them. TinyPNG is free tools that you can use to reduce the size of images and make it more web friendly.
Final Thoughts: 

Ranking higher in search results takes time and it is important to be patient and consistent during this time. These tips will help you to speed up the process for ranking higher. SEO plays vital role in success of your blog. 

SEO is going to be key in 2019 and with quality content, Optimized images you can get your blog on first page of search results.

Follow above mentioned tips to improve SEO and get higher ranking in search results.

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